Amidst the highest point of the mountains in the most northern part of India you find the valleys of Kashmir. The most beautiful scenery you can imagine. In this breathtaking region of natural splendour the Crocus plant grows majestically, producing the world’s finest saffron.

It was only fitting that we named our saffron Satya”, which is the Hindi word for “ True.”

Satya Saffron  is 100% guaranteed pure Kashmiri saffron and the name is synonymous with a product of the very highest quality and refinement. Picked by our growers, traditionally prepared, carefully packaged, we are delighted to bring to you this world renowned spice in its purest and finest form.
Through our pursuit for excellence combined with a commitment to achieve maximum client satisfaction, we, Agron India Ltd have reached the zenith in this industry.
We are recognized in this industry as a trusted and reliable supplier, dealers & Growers of 100% pure Kashmiri Saffron. Our products are available under the brand name of "SATYA SAFFRON". Purest kashmiri saffron.

We adhere to stringent quality measures that no other follows. Our team of professionals is also highly experienced in this field and is always working hard for the growth of the company. Besides, we are also providing credit sales as well as technical details and present samples different varieties at the door step of knowledge hunger customers

We produce a Kashmiri Saffron under the brand name of SATYA that is extremely high in quality. Our products are used in various fields such as food and beverages, perfumes, medicinal and pharmaceutical, flavouring, confectionery, cosmetics, sweets, ice cream, and in worships.
Some of the special traits of our  Satya Kashmiri Saffron is :

  • Rich in aroma and taste
  • Natural colouring agent
  • Highly nutritious
  • High floral top notes
  • Deep red in colour
  • Extra long and thick threads.

Specialty of Satya Kashmiri Saffron

  • Extra long and thick threads that expands even further on soaking or steeping.
  • Deep red in color no yellow part present in it.
  • Very intense saffron nose with high floral top notes.
  • Only a fraction of threads are required to create the desired flavor.